In the privacy of our Studio just outside Boston, MA; or on location; we coax, coach and transform you into letting loose the most fabulous version of yourself!  Our carefully crafted and planned sessions are focussed entirely on you.  We assist and advise on wardrobe, carefully encourage you to be bold ... and watch you transform and enjoy this freeing and liberating experience that will change how you see yourself for ever.  I watch clients leave the Studio with a bounce in their step and a smile they cannot wipe from their face!  Boudoir, intimate and fine-art nude sessions are available for women and men, aged 21 and above.  All sessions are private.

We use custom blended organic body oils during your session to bring out the contours of your body.  Our oils are made just for Courtier Boudoir by Body Sense of Newburyport, MA, and are available in 3 different scents.  They are also available for sale so you can continue to enjoy the incredible way they make your skin feel in your own home!